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Mechanical Safety Tips

A Good Automotive Shop Equipment Company Will Ensure You Have All Owners And Parts Manuals As Well As Service Directives For All The Heavy Equipment You Purchase Or Lease. The Company Should Also Be Capable Of Providing Any Training Necessary To Operate Each Machine Safely

EYE Protection

Approved Eye Protection Must Be Worn While Activities Are In Progress.

Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions Is Required Before You Operate A Machine

Must Secure

Machine Operators Must Secure Loose Clothing And Long Hair, And Make Sure Guards Are In Place.

Away From Blade

Stand To One Side Of Cutting Blades And Keep Fingers Away From Blade.

Power Off

Make All Machine Adjustments With The Power Off.


Avoid Talking To Or Bothering Machine Operators, And No Horseplay

Good Condition

Tools Should Be In Good Condition Used Correctly And Stored Properly


Keep Solvent Rags And Other Flammable Materials In Approved Metal Containers

Check With Instructor

Before Using Any Machine On Automobile, Check With The Instructor

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